A FEW words about us

Known for its rich heitage and for being a staple of the Benton County community for many generations, Pine Grove Baptist Chruch has stood the test of time by God's grace and provision. Buidlings may crumble and pews rot away, but we know that God's church will endure forever. The church is not a building made with human hands but consists of the living, breathing, blood-bought people of God, who are saved by the Lord Jesus Christ and for His glory. To ensure that Pine Grove has as bright a future as its past, we are committed to re-establishing multi-generational faithfulness within our families, so that our people will continue to serve and follow Jesus Christ for many generations to come.

Pine Grove is a community of believers in the heart of Benton County, Mississippi, serving the surrounding communities for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are committed to following the Lord Jesus Christ, demonstrating His love, communicating His truth, and fulfilling His Great Commission to make disciples of all nations. Our mission is to model the New Testament church found in Acts 2:42-44, which was devoted to the Word of God, prayer and fellowship, sharing "all things in common. 

OUR team

Bro. Randy Hamilton - Pastor

Andrew Habor - Associate/Youth Pastor

Dewayne & Lisa Mathis - Music Ministry

Jennifer Coker - Children's Director

Robin Smith - Finanical Secretary

Marie Hamilton - Church Secretary

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